5th International Conference of Exopolitics, History and Spirituality

An international conference of exopolitics, classified history, and spirituality. Two full days of lectures and presentations at the hall with a live audience and online broadcast (Livestream) for foreign viewers. The main topic of the fifth edition of this event is FRIENDLY ENCOUNTERS.

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The 5th International Conference of Exopolitics, History, and Spirituality takes place on Saturday,  November 19, 2022, & Sunday, November 20, 2022, from 8 am till 8 pm (GMT) at the Vachler Art Company (Atelier A), Chlumova 7, Praha 3. During the two-day program, a number of honourable guests from the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, USA, Australia and Great Britain will be presented.

  • Exclusive Czech and overseas guests
  • New testimonies and evidence
  • Your personal stories regarding close encounters in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
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The main mission of the conference is to discuss the issues of possible social, political, religious, and historical consequences in connection with the contemplated contact with other civilizations from space. What development of the exopolitical situation in connection with the official revelations and the first public hearings in the US Congress can we expect? The mainstream narrative speaks of a potential security threat. At our conference, there will be guests who will speak about their personal experiences with friendly encounters.

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Our speakers

Founder of ACERN (online)
CSETI, Sirius Disclosure (online)
Contacteer (online)
Spiritual couch (online)
pilot Boeing 737 (online)
Polish moderator, researcher
Portuguese exopolitic
Nuclear Physicist (Live)
director, screenwriter, producer (live)
CE5 coordinator (live)
Founder of Czech exopolitics
screenwriter and director
auditor, cybernetic, researcher
researcher, translator, historian
Sasquatch expert
Yogi, graphic artist, exopolitic
Editor-in-Chief of SU
Craniosacral Therapist
musicians (live)
Zpěvačka a kytaristka
moderator (live)