Additional Information

An annual conference with international participation organized under the auspices of Sueneé Universe, z.s. and its news server.

The 4rd Sueneé Universe conference takes place Saturday,  November 20, 2021, from 8:00 am to 10 pm at the Vachlar Art Compay. During the day-long program, a number of honourable guests from the USA, Germany, Poland, South Africa, Russia and Czech Republic will be presented, once again.

The main mission of the conference is to discuss the possible social, political, religious, and historical consequences in connection with the considered contact with other civilizations from outer space. If there is evidence of past or present contact and how it affects our society. Whether or not humans themselves are aliens on planet Earth. What significance can prehistoric structures and artefacts have for the development of contemporary society? What are the possible causes of the extinction of previous civilizations and what can be concluded today? And many other questions…

The conference intends to conduct the discussion in a factual and open manner. We welcome inquisitive people from the wider scientific, academic, and media community.