Additional Information

An annual conference with international participation organized under the auspices of Sueneé Universe, z.s. and its news server.

The 5th International Conference of Exopolitics, History, and Spirituality takes place on Saturday, 19 & Sunday, 20 2022 from 8 am till 8 pm (GMT)  in Prague at the Vachlar Art Compay. During the two-day program, we will present you with a number of lecturers.

The main mission of the conference is to discuss the issues of possible social, political, religious, and historical consequences in connection with the contemplated contact with other civilizations from space. What development of the exopolitical situation in connection with the official revelations and the first public hearings in the US Congress can we expect? The mainstream narrative speaks of a potential security threat. At our conference, there will be guests who will speak about their personal experiences with friendly encounters.