3rd International Conference

3rd International Conference Sueneé Universe. Tickets on sale!

News server Sueneé Universe is held on 14.11. from 08:30 to about 22:00 already the 3rd international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality . Once again, you can look forward to a rich program, new testimonies and evidence! Exclusive guests from home and abroad will give us lectures. We will also introduce you to emerging documentaries from the production of Vachler Art Company .

The main mission of the conference is to discuss issues of possible social, political, religious, and historical implications for contemplated contact with other civilizations in space. Whether there is evidence of past or current contact and how it affects our society. Whether or not humans themselves are, in a way, aliens on planet Earth. How important prehistoric buildings and artifacts can be for the development of contemporary society. What are the possible causes of the extinction of previous civilizations and what can be deduced from this today. What appropriate diplomatic procedures need to be set up to establish communication. And many more questions…

Petr Satori Zajac
musician, composer
researcher, exopolitics
Polish moderator, researcher
director, screenwriter, producer
director, seeker, exopolitician
auditor, cybernetic, researcher
Zdenka Blechová
spisovatelka, kartářka
researcher, translator, historian
Editor-in-Chief of SU
moderator, writer

Guides and moderators of the meeting are the poet and author Space correspondence Ta Ura and the editor-in-chief of the server Sueneé.

You can buy tickets in the form below or on the smsticket . You can download and print the program.