Thematic areas:

  • Nick Pope (GB) – Former employee of the Bristol Department of Defense and administrator of the actual X-Files archives.
  • Michael Tellinger (SA) – Researcher, writer, politician. He focuses on Sumerian history in South Africa. He is the author of the UBUNTU project, One Small Town.
  • Robert Fleischer (DE) – editor-in-chief of
  • Robert Bernatowicz (PL) – Exopolitics of Central Europe
    Valery Uvarov (RU) – The Soviet Union and cases of close meetings with former Czechoslovakia
  • Petr Vachler (CZ) – filmmaker and producer of documentary films. Series Review: TOP SECRET UFO PROJECTS: DECLASSIFIED.
  • Václav QAD Urban (CZ) – Life with Exopolitics
  • Antonín Baudyš (CZ) – philosopher, astrologer, glossator of public life. Topic: Men in black.
  • Jaroslav Doležel (CZ) – history of ancient Sumer
  • Sueneé (CZ) – testimonies and stories about close meetings in 2020-2021

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