Nick Pope Velká Británie

Ministry of Defence in Great Britain (1985-2006), journalist
Nick Pope (born 19 September 1965) is a freelance British journalist, media commentator and former civil servant. Whilst an employee at the British Government‘s Ministry of Defence (MoD), Pope was responsible, among other duties, for investigating UFO phenomena to determine if they had any defence significance. He moved to the United States in January 2012. I’m probably one of the few who can …

Michael Tellinger Jihoafrická republika

researcher, writer, politician
Researcher, writer, politician. He focuses on Sumerian history in South Africa. He is the author of the UBUNTU project, One Small Town.

Robert Fleischer Německo

resercher and exopolitic
Robert Fleischer is a television journalist, presenter and filmmaker. He has worked for a number of German public television stations and still writes articles for magazines in Germany and abroad. In 2007 he founded Exopolitics Germany ( and in 2013 launched the online television magazine, which is available to subscribers and open people. It …

Robert Bernatowicz Polsko

Polish moderator, researcher
Robert Bernatowicz is one of the godparents of the Czech translation of the book UNACKNOWLEDGED by Dr. Steven M. Greer. Popular Polish TV presenter, founder and chairman of the nationwide company NAUTILUS, which has one of the largest archives of mysterious phenomena and ufology not only in Poland but also in the world. He will …

Antonín Baudyš Česká republika

In his youth he studied practical fields, theology, philosophy and religion. From his mother inherited the need to speak to people. He is a consultant astrologer since 1996. He has recorded many video astrological tutorials and he is the administrator of the Czechoslovak Astrological Forum. He is known on YouTube as a glossary of public …

Petr Vachler Česká republika

director, screenwriter, producer
He studied defectology and education at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. At the beginning of the 1990s, his production company Vachler Art Company (VAC)  was established. In 1993, he founded the annual film awards Czech Lion Awards. Two years later, he founded the Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA), where he was …

Valery Uvarov Rusko

PYRAMIDS - The legacy of the gods
He has been working on the topic of pyramids for more than 30 years. He traveled around the world to penetrate as much as possible into the technical marvel of the past. He is also one of the few people on this planet who can build a functioning pyramid in the 21st century. Valery Uvarov …

Vaclav QAD Urban Česká republika

auditor, cybernetic, researcher
Václav QAD Urban has been an important researcher in the field of mysteries, ufology and exopolitics for more than 50 years. He is one of the godparents of the Czech edition of the book Unacknowledged by Dr. Steven M. Greer. He also appeared in the documentary series Detector produced by Vachler Art Company. In civilian …

Jaroslav Doležel Česká republika

researcher, translator, historian
Though I studied archaeology, I don’t work in this field professionally. I still have a keen interest in the subject though, especially in the history, archaeology and religion of the ancient Near East, with focus on the Sumerian culture. The theories about ancient astronauts was precisely what led me to study archaeology, and I direct …

Sueneé Česká republika

Editor-in-Chief of SU
The phenomenon, known as extraterrestrial civilization, has been a theme far beyond the last 70 years. A modern look at the preserved historical records recorded by the wedge in the Time of the Sumerian Empire suggests that there is something much more to come. Something that goes beyond thousands of years and generations of people. …