Alexandra McKenzie Česká republika

CE5 coordinator (live)

Alexandra’s childhood experiences brought her on the journey of exploration of consciousness and non-ordinary experiences.

Alexandra McKenzie, BSc, MA, is a clinical and spiritual hypnotherapist. Due to her unique interests, she also worked with abductees and experiencers of close encounters of all kinds. Alexandra earned a master’s degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies from JFK University. Her specialization is superconsciousness – often a focal point of extraterrestrial and interdimensional contact.

Alexandra has been a keen student of The Monroe Institute, a place of the world’s leading research in altered states of consciousness from the 70s. She had an opportunity to meet world-known authors and teachers there. She is the leader of Monroe’s community in Prague.

Alexandra had an opportunity to meet with Dr Steven Greer and joined his CE-5 expeditions and training. Alexandra has run CE-5 groups worldwide, and she is a member of the European CE-5 community. Currently, she conducts CE-5 gatherings even in the Czech Republic.

Alexandra travelled and lived around the world, and it offered her valuable perceptions and worldviews. She shares all her knowledge and experiences through personal therapies and group activities. Alexandra has been a guest on YT Suenee Universe multiple times.

At the 5th conference, Alexandra will bring the topic of Remote Viewing and awakening human superpowers. The declassification of CIA documents has brought to light decades of research from top-secret projects that used remote sensing for various purposes. It was used not only to view extraterrestrial life on various planets, but also to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Alexandra will share the fascinating stories of some of the most prominent remote viewers and also show audience how they can understand the principles of remote viewing in conjunction with consciousness and develop these abilities themselves.