Antonín Baudyš Česká republika


In his youth he studied practical fields, theology, philosophy and religion. From his mother inherited the need to speak to people. He is a consultant astrologer since 1996. He has recorded many video astrological tutorials and he is the administrator of the Czechoslovak Astrological Forum. He is known on YouTube as a glossary of public life. He learned astrology largely from his father. He lives sideways in Šumperk in the foot of the Jeseníky Foothold. He’s very creative. He’s devoted to his three children.

Men in black

Over the past decade, exopolitics has essentially been rewritten by David Wilcock and Corey Goode. We are closer to reality, but the train of knowledge continues to travel. In 2017, the first book My Father was Man in Black of trilogy appeared. Jan van Helsing wrote down the experience of a young Austrian with the nickname Jason Mason (*1978). Everything sounds a bit crazy if it were not information surprisingly well structured and what’s more, beyond what we thought until now. Antonín Baudyš has the ability to choose, connect and simplify even among difficult information, and in this way he will introduce us to important places from the book.