Antonín Baudyš Česká republika


In his youth, he studied only practical subjects; theology, philosophy, and religion. He inherited from his mother the need to speak into people’s lives, and so he has been a consulting astrologer since 1996. He has recorded extensive astrological video courses and is the administrator of the Czechoslovak Astrological Forum. On YouTube, he is known as a glossary of public life. He learned astrology largely from his father. He lives somewhat on the side of the action – in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains in Šumperk. He’s very creative. He is devoted to his three children.

In the context of exopolitics, the greatest degradation occurred in the themes of reptilians and Pleiadians. This is probably due to the fact that both civilizations had an enormous impact on humanity in the past. However, we know surprisingly little about either of them. We are solely dependent on possible encounters with their representatives or channelers. Do we have any certain information base at all about the Pleiades in this regard?