Jaroslav Doležel Česká republika

researcher, translator, historian

Though I studied archaeology, I don’t work in this field professionally. I still have a keen interest in the subject though, especially in the history, archaeology and religion of the ancient Near East, with focus on the Sumerian culture. The theories about ancient astronauts was precisely what led me to study archaeology, and I direct my research on these theories. The result of this research is mainly a series of articles published on the Sueneé Universe website, where I also contributed a number of translations of articles about ancient civilizations. I am also the guest of YT channel Sueneé Universe in a series of discussions regarding ancient Sumer.

At this year’s conference, I will deviate from my favorite theme of ancient Sumer and focus on the phenomenon of entities appearing in altered states of consciousness and the question of whether these beings can be aliens communicating with us in this unusual way.