Karel Rašín Česká republika

Founder of Czech exopolitics

I was born in 1956 in Prague. From my youth I began to feel internally that some scientific conclusions could not explain certain things and I doubted them. This contradiction deepened. Naturally, I began to look into the UFO phenomenon and other unexplained phenomena. The communist regime had many kinds of repressive forces and any extraterrestrial matters or parapsychology was basically an absolute taboo.

After the revolution, in 1998, I found a ufology group in Prague, of which I was a member until 2008, when we found out that this group was not an association of civilians interested in the matter, but part of the intelligence service of the Czech Republic. Then in 2009 I founded my own exopolitics group with Ladislav Zelinka. I’m a freelance journalist, I also study astrology, and from ufology and exopolitics I have been focusing on the phenomenon of UFO abductions in our country and its reality. I have done fieldwork with people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia who believe they have experienced the UFO abduction syndrome, and I have researched them thoroughly. (I published the results of my study in a review book “Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind – The Reality of UFO Abductions in the Czech Republic”, Votobia 2002). I also contributed to the American UFO Magazine and made several appearances on television, news, etc. on this topic to comment on various UFO cases and sightings. In 2012 I was co-organizer of an international conference on UFOs in Prague.

Since 2009 my wife Dana and I have been running the Exopolitika.cz website. Now, in 2022, I have received an exopolitics diploma from Dr. M. Salla’s Exopolitics Institute.

“Humanity must rewrite its history to learn the truth about itself and its origins.”