Mary Rodwell Austrálie

Founder of ACERN (online)

Mary RODWELL is the Founder and Principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN). Born in the United Kingdom (UK) and eventually migrating to Western Australia in 1991, she currently resides in Queensland. Marvis a former nurse, midwife, and health educator and was employed as a professional counsellor for the National Health Service UK and Australian counselling agencies, Silver Chain and Centrecare. Since 1994 Mary has worked in private practice as a professional counsellor, hypnotherapist, metaphysical teacher, researcher, author, Reiki Master, and international speaker.

Research from over 3500 cases suggests this is a global phenomenon. The ‘Star Children’ exhibit a maturity and wisdom beyond their years, an awareness and connection to spiritual realms. ‘Indigo’s’ or ‘Crystal’ children as they are often labelled have telepathic abilities, are spiritually awakened, describing many species of non-human visitors with a feeling that they are as real to them as their ‘real’ family because they feel supported by them.

ACERN’s primary role is to offer professional counselling, support, hypnotherapy and information to individuals and their families with ‘anomalous’ paranormal experiences, particularly specialising in Abduction-contact experiences.

Her presentation will be an overview of over 25 years of research and therapy working with individuals and families globally who experience Encounters with Non-human intelligences.

 Her research is supported by an extensive survey with  4, 200 individual conducted by  Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extra-terrestrial Contact. The results convey startling revelations as to the purpose and programs NHI’s have for humanity.

 She will share how these programs have impacted our species and why she believes it indicates a global awakening of human consciousness to the nature of who and what we are,  and our deep connection to our star ancestry.  She will discuss how this Awakening is manifesting with the new generations of Human, in terms of their multidimensional awareness, and why they are very different and given labels such as indigo, or star children.