Petr Vachler Česká republika

director, screenwriter, producer (live)

He studied defectology and education at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. At the beginning of the 1990s, his production company Vachler Art Company (VAC)  was established. In 1993, he founded the annual film awards Czech Lion Awards. Two years later, he founded the Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA), where he was the executive director for 18 years. He also participated in the creation of TV shows Kinobox, Prology, Bet it!, Whimsical Years of Czech Film, The Faces of Czech Movies or documentary series Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries. Today he produces shows all over the world. He directed a feature film, Doblba.  He’s also the producer and director of a documentary series The Detector which dealt with the most important and also the most mysterious issues from the world of science, art and social life, the ones still shrouded in a number of secrets. He has real personal experience with UFOs and other unusual experiences with ordinary reality.

He is currently working on a documentary The Secret and Meaning of Life and is preparing the Inspiration Europe project for American Gaia TV and, in a creative tandem with Jan Stehlík, is completing a six-part documentary mini-series TOP Secret UFO Projects: Declassified for Netflix and History Channel, in which the Sueneé Universe editorial staff also participated as an external consultant. Petr Vachler will present some of his projects in annotated video samples.