Robert Fleischer Německo

researcher, exopolitics

Robert Fleischer is a TV journalist, presenter and filmmaker. He has worked for a number of German public broadcast TV networks and writes articles for magazines in Germany and abroad. In 2007, he founded Exopolitics Germany ( and in 2013, he launched, a subscription-based online TV magazine for open-minded people. He not only reports on UFOs and the paranormal but also on a wide array of subjects, including politics, future sciences, and consciousness research. His work has been featured in major TV and radio shows, as well as newspaper articles. He holds a university degree in conference interpreting for French and Spanish and has given talks in many European countries, including Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and the UK.

Presented topics:

  1. In December 2017 it became known that for years, the Pentagon had been conducting a secret UFO research project called AATIP. From the very beginning, the aim of this project was to determine the technology behind the reported phenomena and to take steps to develop the technology further. In October 2018, Robert Fleischer met with the former head of this program, Luis Elizondo. In this presentation, he summarizes the history, background and previously known findings of AATIP. Elizondo and his colleagues are convinced that the UAPs they investigated were under intelligent control. Moreover, they are said to have flight capabilities that clearly outperform our known terrestrial craft. Since then, many more details have become known about the secret UFO research project at the Pentagon, which continues to exist to this day in a modified form.
  2. UFOs don’t exist in Germany – officially, at least. While the German government denies any interest in flying saucers, its military seriously claims that they never had anything unusual on their radar screens which they could not eventually identify. Thus, you hardly ever hear anything from Germany about UFOs. The German journalist and researcher Robert Fleischer is trying to change that. For more than 13 years, he has been working to find out what the German government really knows about UFOs, digging into government archives and asking questions to politicians and the military. In his presentation, he discusses what the German Bundestag knows about Flying Saucers, how the German intelligence agency BND investigated UFO reports during the Cold War, what politicians say about the subject and how it all relates to the situation in Germany after World War II.