Satori Česká republika

musician, composer (live)
Petr Satori Zajac

Since an early age, I have been fascinated by the mysteries, secrets and questions related to the world, the universe and the sole existence of consciousness itself. Mysteries and my quest for knowledge have been the driving force of my life. For more than 30 I have been expressing my feelings and experiences through music, film and words.

For the last 25 years, I have been working closely with the Czech mystic and author of many books and films, Arnošt Vašíček, PhD. I am the author of music for all his documentaries such as Encounters with Mysteries (12 episodes), Planet of Mysteries (52 episodes), Incredible Things, Labyrinth of Mysteries (13 episodes), Secrets of Voynich’s Manuscript, Moravian-Silesian Mysteries (5 episodes) and more.

For the conference, I have prepared an mini-concert of dance and ambient space music inspired by contacts with other worlds.