Vaclav QAD Urban Česká republika

auditor, cybernetic, researcher

Václav QAD Urban has been an important researcher in the field of mysteries, ufology and exopolitics for more than 50 years. He is one of the godparents of the Czech edition of the book Unacknowledged by Dr. Steven M. Greer. He also appeared in the documentary series Detector produced by Vachler Art Company.

In civilian life, he owned a consulting company operating in the ICT, finance, banking, health and lifestyle sectors. He was also an OR / IS / ICT auditor, a consultant on detoxification and health problems, and a lecturer for users of bioresonance devices. He completed studies in technical cybernetics, electrical engineering, automation, computer design, programming and foreign languages ​​at the Czech Technical University in Prague and other universities.

In his presentation Life with Exopolitics, he would like to share some findings from his lifelong exploration of various mysteries and how they are connected to the life around us. This time it will be about the development of his views against the background of the development of mystery, ufology and exopolitics. There will be several selected sources that have influenced not only him, but also the entire direction of these disciplines – in the past and in recent years.