Viliam Poltikovič Česká republika

screenwriter and director

Born on February 28, 1958 in Znojmo. He studied at the Department of Documentary Production (1979-1984). Freelance since August 1989. He currently lives in a small village near Prague. Before 1989 he made films with psychological and sociological themes, after 1989 he focuses on documentary films with mainly spiritual themes. He also works as a cameraman, photographer and writes books. So far, he has made more than 170 films and works mainly for Czech Television.

Movie: Teachers from the Stars

Scientific observations and many personal experiences indicate that we live in a multidimensional reality, where countless worlds, universes with a higher number of dimensions intertwine and influence each other. The movie Teachers from the Stars was filmed in Peru, where there are a number of special energy zones and where hundreds of people very often observe strange light objects that we refer to as UFOs. And it’s not just about observing objects, but also about strange humanoid beings. Not only villagers, but also military pilots, city mayors and a government expert on the UFO phenomenon testify about this in the film. Peruvian shamans have been working with beings from other worlds, dimensions since ancient times – they help them heal people and teach them. In the film, there is also an explanation of the figures on the Nazca plain and a mention of the special abilities of animals, such as the teleportation of queen termites.