Zdenka Blechová Česká republika

spisovatelka, kartářka
Zdenka Blechová

Zdenka Blechová is a successful author of many books, reading cards and meditation CDs. She was born and lives in Pilsen. She is a successful business owner of the teahouse of the RELAX café-tearoom and Antické lázně in Pilsen, or the Zděnka Blechová publishing house, in which she publishes her books, cards and CDs. Since 2003, she has been publishing the magazine Mysteria tajemna and she organizes lectures and seminars throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She deals with counselling in the field of interpersonal relationships, illness, employment, and other life issues through channelling (connection to the space channel through automatic script), tarot, numerology, and psychology.

Zdenka Blechová will present the theme of the Cats of Ancient Egypt AKA  Telepathic radiators from space.

Years ago I had a dream and a golden ring with hieroglyphs appeared in my dream. I knew I was meant to have that ring, but I didn’t know where to get it. I had never seen such a ring in any goldsmith’s shop. When I entered the museum in Crete, I knew I would find this ring there. And really there it was – the ring from my dream. I took a picture of it and had a copy of this ring made out of my old gold rings. As I began to look at this ring, I suddenly saw a face in it and said: “Cat King.” However, I still have not understood this meaning, to this day. Today I will use channelling to try to find out information about the cat king.

“Cat’s eyes are a mirror through which few chosen ones can
look into the realm of fairies.” (ancient Celtic proverb)

At the conference, Zdenka Blechová’s products will be sold at a special rate. Ms Blechová will also sign her books and provide counselling services. You can book your slot in advance, as the places will go fast. To avoid disappointment, book in time!