We’re looking for volunteers for the following positions. If you are interested, please send us your offer via this contact form. We prefer offers from people who have previous experience with a similar position and are contactable via Facebook.

The reward for work is either in the form of a symbolic pay or barter.

The minimum you will get is a free-standing ticket (without a seat).

Experienced cameraman (1 spot)


  • own cameras
  • practical experience with filming lectures at public events
  • friendly dealings with people
  • professional approach

Your task will be recording individual lectures, including audience responses. We will then ask you to deliver all high-resolution (FullHD) recordings and the possibility of using them without any restrictions. We will keep your authorship, reference or recommendation of your services.

Checking tickets (1 spot)


  • representative appearance and approach
  • own functional mobile on Android platform with pre-installed SMSTicket Gateway.
  • organizational talent

Your task will be assisting in the morning rush hour when the participants come in with their tickets to the check-in desk. You will be the right hand of the person in charge of the check-in.

Hostess (2 spots)


  • representative appearance and approach
  • good communication skills
  • sense of orientation
  • handing out the conference program
  • basic communication in English

Your task will be assisting conference participants to find their way in the venue. You will also be answering some basic questions, such as where are the changing rooms, where are the lectures taking place, where to eat or where to find ATMs, etc.

System administrator (1 spot)


  • good knowledge of computing on Windows OS
  • installing a network printer on Windows 7/10 OS
  • projector setting
  • PowerPoint presentation setting
  • assistance with audio and video equipment

Your task will be helping with simple tasks including setting up a computer or restarting it, helping with the initial connection of peripherals, or installing controllers. You will also assist sound engineers with sound installation, connect the computer to the projector, switch on the presentation, and prepare the presenter.